The Art of Giving: Support Comes Full Circle

Every Friday, Art and his son would eat at Mazzulli’s Pizza in Fontana - it was his son’s favorite. Art, who owns Best Golf Carts down the street from the Fontana establishment, got to know Pat Mazzulli and his family. His wife, Kim, even purchased Pat a custom golf cart from Art after Pat’s beloved golf cart was deemed beyond repair.

In 2019, over 20 years after the Fontana pizza institution shuttered, Pat made stacks of pizza in his outdoor smoker that he converted into a pizza oven and brought it to Art’s son’s funeral.

“I was so upset and overwhelmed that day,” recalled Art, “but the moment Pat walked in with those boxes… I just felt a sigh of relief.”

Art never got a chance to fully express to Pat how much his seemingly small gesture meant to him.

Years later, Art found himself at Michelle Jackson-Bradley’s (a Riverside Firefighter and Team Captain of Riverside Fire Brigade) fundraiser for Riverside’s breast cancer awareness walk – Pink on Parade. Michelle, who had inherited the Team Captain title from her predecessor at the Department, took the challenge head-on. To date, Michelle has raised over $110k to support women and their families who have been impacted by cancer through the no-cost services at The Pink Ribbon Place.

After having attended Michelle’s Pink on Parade events, Art found himself dedicating his time and efforts to design a custom pink golf cart to “Save the TaTas” and for Michelle to raise money to provide more wigs, more education, and more counseling services to the local cancer impacted community.


Michelle was determined to leverage a beautiful custom golf cart equipped with quilted leather seats with pink accents, a carbon fiber dashboard, cup holders in the front and back, and pink flames on the side to raise money. She proudly towed the golf cart around Riverside and Yucaipa in her Riverside Fire Department uniform, getting sales wherever she could, and finally ending up at her local Stater Bros. on her final day of opportunity sales where she met Pat and Kim.

Pat and Kim were interested to see what all the ruckus was about. But it wasn’t until he was inspecting the golf cart, that he knew he was going to support the cause.

“I saw the Best Golf Carts tag,” recalled Pat, “and I knew it was Art… I had to support.”

So when he got home, he went online onto Michelle’s fundraising page and read more about The Pink Ribbon Place. After learning about all the no-cost services, he decided to donate more.

“I didn’t donate because I thought I’d win.”

But the universe had a different plan. A few days later, Pat was notified that he had won the golf cart. That weekend, after celebrating Kim’s birthday, they came to pick up the cart.

“It’s karma,” said Art as he shook Pat’s hand and pulled him in closer for a hug. “That day… that day you came with the pizzas… you were like valium to me... I could never thank you enough.”

It is in moments like this that we are reminded that despite the distance, whether in time or in space, that your support goes full circle.

Thank you to Art & Cheryl, and Pat & Kim for allowing us to share your donor story and journey with you. A very special thank you to Michelle Bradley and her husband Don, for dedicating their time, love, determination, and courage to support our ladies who have been impacted by cancer and serendipitously bringing Art and Pat together again.

May your support continue to come full circle.

Your support can change a life.

Your support helps to improve the well-being of our community. By donating today, you can support families impacted by cancer, chronic diseases, or just simple day-to-day necessities such as food on that table.