Community Outreach Team

Live. Actively.

This program exists for this main purpose: to actively promote healthier behaviors and choices within our community. The Promotoras Education and Community Outreach Team does this in more than just a few ways; with exercise classes, nutrition and cooking classes, and workshops! Other classes range from the dangers of substance use to self-defense workshops. Information gathered in these grassroots settings reaches far beyond the actual participants.

Our Promotoras and Community Outreach Team take pride in giving you a variety of opportunities to work out and learn healthy habits each day.


  • Join us for ZUMBA
    Enjoy the Latin and International rhythms as you burn calories at one of our FREE Zumba classes offered every day of the week. Times and locations may vary.
  • Learn Healthy Eating Habits
    Our promotoras are excited to teach you delicious and nutritious options for your favorite home-cooked meals.
  • Participate in our workshops
    Join us for a variety of workshops ranging from the dangers of substance abuse to self-defense classes.