Eastside HEAL Zone

Eastside HEAL Zone

Eastside HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) Zone (EHZ) is one of several Kaiser funded HEAL initiatives in California. EHZ exs to promote a culture of health, hope, uny and leadership in Eastside, Riverside. The EHZ team collaborates with otr entities to empower adult and youth residents through ladership programs and assists residents in making lasting changes in their community through resident-driven community improvement projects (CIP’s). uth and alt residents have led many CIP’s  impact health and safety in their environment.



  • Resident Leadership Academy
    Participate in our Resident Leadership Academy and take action in your neighborhood. For more information on how to join please contact, Shené Bowie-Hussey, DrPH, MPH, ACSM at (951) 788-3471 or Shene@rchf.org.
  • Join Our Collaborative
    We invite you to make a difference with Eastside HEAL Zone! Collaborative meetings are held every 3rd Thursday from 12:20pm – 2:30pm.



  • 4275 Lemon Street
    Riverside, CA 92501

    Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm