2019-20 RCHF Integrated Health Initiative Grantees

The intent of the RCHF Integrated Health Initiative is to have a greater impact on populations who have or are at risk of pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and behavioral health challenges.The purpose is to improve care coordination and integration with healthcare and behavioral health professionals through formal community partnerships and referrals. Through this collective effort, we expect a decrease in health disparities and an increase in patient care, satisfaction and community resources.

Aqua Motion

Janet Goeske

Path of Life Ministries

  • Grantee: Path of Life Ministries
  • Grant Amount: $236,000
  • Purpose:Path of Life Ministries (POLM) will use RCHF grant funds to address behavioral and mental health barriers (including substance abuse) that impede homeless households from exiting homelessness by attaining and maintaining stable housing. POLM will also connect individuals with diabetes and heart disease to the appropriate levels of clinical support to aid in the management of their condition and reducing hospital stays and emergency room visits resulting from unmanaged conditions.
  • Website:Path of Life Ministries
  • Website:Path of Life Ministries