Residency Program

The community medicine rotation is offered as a partnership with the Riverside Community Hospital (RCH)/University of California Riverside (UCR) School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program and led by Dr. Deborah Streletz. Dr. Streletz is the RCH/UCR School of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency Program Director.  Each year, a class of eight Family Medicine Resident Physicians enter the three-year residency.  The Riverside Community Health Foundation rotates one and two-year residents through our community-based health programs with a goal to increase the quality of the clinic-community connection in the practice of participating physicians. The residency program has just hired Dr. Iman Fobia to work as the Community Medicine focused faculty member. She will work closely with RCHF to strengthen the residency program’s Community Medicine curriculum.

Community Medicine Family Resident Physician Rotations

• Each resident will individually spend four weeks with RCHF to increase knowledge of and involvement with RCHF programs.

• Each resident begins with a review of RCHF programs, and the completion of an individual plan upon beginning their RCHF community medicine rotation.

• Workspace is provided at the RCHF Lemon Street Offices.

• During the rotation, the residents also choose a program that they would like to stay involved with over the remaining years of their residency.


Riverside Community Health Foundation

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  • Shené Bowie-Hussey, DrPH, MPH
    Vice President of Health Strategies | CSO