Pink on Parade’s Classic Car Show

Pink in Parade is Riverside's annual breast cancer awareness walk. A new element of fun will be added to this year’s event— the Pink on Parade Classic Car Show! This is a classic car show guaranteed to take you down memory lane! Hear from Ernie, classic car enthusiast on what he's looking forward to at this year's first-ever Pink on Parade Classic Car Show. 

We got the opportunity to interview Ernie on what he's most excited about for Pink on Parade's first-ever classic car show. Interested in participating in this year's Classic Car Show--
Read our interview with him below:
Q: Tell us about your first car and what made it special to you?

E: My very first car was a 76 Monte Carlo. That car had swivel bucket seats with center console. It had a 400 cu in V8 engine sitting on Truespoke wheels. That car was a beast. I loved it.

Q: What cars are you most excited to see at this year’s first ever Pink on Parade Classic Car Show? 

E: The car I am most excited to see at this year's car show belongs to my club member Rich Lomanto. 1950 plymouth wagon... he's been working night and day to get this car ready. This will be the first show this car goes to.

Q: What elements make up a great classic car show? 

E: A great car show has a variety of cars.. not all the same cookie cutter cars. I like when each car has its own personality.

Q: There will be some friendly competition at this year’s Pink on Parade classic car show. Awards will be given for the best domestic classic car, best import classic and best overall classic car. What advice can you give our attendees who have signed up for the car show and hope to win in one of the categories? 

E: Now this is a hard question. I'm sure all the cars will be awesome in their own ways. Just figure what you want out of your car and give it your all.... build your car for you, not anyone else. You will enjoy what you build.

Q: For all our car enthusiasts, what local Riverside car shows should we look out for? 

E: As for Riverside shows, I'd say The Rhythm Collision is a good show. Lots of kustoms...notice that's kustom with a "k".... there's a difference... if you know , you know... 😊 

The Pink on Parade Classic Car Show takes place on October 15, 2022 at Ryan Bonaminio Park in Riverside, CA from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. For more information on Pink on Parade, or to register, visit pinkonparade.org