Meet Carlos: Furloughed, but Full.

The pandemic has caused much more collateral damage than we could have ever anticipated. Many businesses began to downsize or even shutter causing leaving many friends, neighbors or family members either jobless or furloughed. Carlos Chavez, who is currently caring for his elderly mother, was one of the unfortunate Riverside residents who had his job furloughed.


“It’s been arduous,” concluded Carlos, as he reflected on the impact of the pandemic on his life.


Earlier this year, Carlos began accessing the Food Pantry at Community Settlement Association, an affiliate program of Riverside Community Health Foundation. The Food Pantry, which offers free groceries with “cooking” and “non-cooking” options to local residents, has – since the start of the pandemic – provided nearly four-thousand bags of food to feed our neighbors.


“It’s been immensely [helpful] for us,” said Carlos about the Food Pantry program, “because it covers [food for] both my mom and myself on a weekly basis.”


Soon after, Carlos began receiving additional support at Community Settlement Association through the Social Services program.


Despite the challenges the remain ahead, the essential services that Community Settlement Association continues to offer offers a sense stability and hope to a community where uncertainty can determine whether or not there is meal on the table.


“With the help of these programs… we’ve stayed positive,” concluded Carlos.