Riverside Community Health Foundation Releases Health and Racial Equity Small Grants to Organizations in Riverside

RCHF will award a small number of organizations up to $5,000 to support activities that align with our mission to improve the health and well-being of our community. 

Riverside, CA –Riverside Community Health Foundation (RCHF) announces their Health and Racial Equity 2020 Small Grant Program to organizations in Riverside.  

 This funding opportunity will fund proposals focused on addressing social equity and racial justice as it relates to the reduction and prevention of chronic disease and mental health challenges. Priority will be given to proposals requesting funds to support existing organizational programming efforts and projects. 

 Grassroot organizations are essential in creating systemic change,” said Dr. Shené Bowie Hussey, MPH, ACSM, Vice President for Health Strategies/Chief Strategic Officer for Riverside Community Health Foundation. “Our Health and Racial Equity small grants program is an opportunity for local organizations in Riverside to begin to dismantle systemic racism. As an organization centered around improving the health and well-being of our community, we understand the detrimental impact of racism on one’s health. We are committed to disrupting health and racial injustices and want to equip local organizations to do the same.” 

Through the Health and Racial Equity Small Grant Program, RCHF seeks to increase access to mental health services and chronic disease prevention resources in an inclusive and culturally relevant mannerIn addition, they will create and improve social, economic, service, institutional, and built environment systems level approaches that support mental health and chronic disease prevention and improve protective factors and mitigate adverse agents that affect mental and physical wellbeing. 

RCHF will accept small grant applications on a rolling basis until November 30.  For more information about the grant, please visit www.rchf.org/grants. 

Media Contact: Anna Holbrook | Anna@rchf.org | 951.788.3471