Eastside HEAL Zone

The HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) Zones are a Kaiser Permanente program designed to help make healthy choices more accessible to people in underserved communities. The Eastside HEAL Zone Initiative is a collaborative of members representing both public and private sectors (i.e. residents, county agencies, school district staff, community businesses, elected officials, park and community services staff, local health clinics and foundations) that work together to create a healthy community. The initiative is resident-driven, focused specifically on the Eastside neighborhood of Riverside California, and facilitated by Riverside Community Health Foundation staff.

There are seven HEAL Zones in Northern California and ten HEAL Zones and Partnership Grants in Southern California. The vision of the HEAL Zones is that communities will be measurably transformed so that opportunities for engaging in healthy behaviors—walking and biking on safe routes, buying affordable fresh fruits and vegetables close to home, exercising in parks, and participating in active after-school programs—are part of daily life.


Learn more about the resources in the Eastside Neighborhood that could help improve your health. Resource Guide: English | Spanish



Meet the Team


  • Mobile Produce
    The Mobile Fresh bus and mini produce stands offer fresh produce at an affordable price every week in the Eastside neighborhood. Click here for more information.
  • Resident Leadership Academy
    Participate in our Resident Leadership Academy and take action in your neighborhood. For more information on how to join please contact, Shené Bowie-Hussey, DrPH, MPH, ACSM at (951) 788-3471 or Shene@rchf.org.
  • Join Our Collaborative
    We invite you to make a difference with Eastside HEAL Zone! Collaborative meetings are held every 3rd Thursday from 12:20pm – 2:30pm.



  • 4275 Lemon Street
    Riverside, CA 92501

    Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm